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Worldwide export of young plants

During the last decades Jatoplant served many international wholesalers, growers, retailers with top quality young plants. Whether you are looking for rooted or unrooted cuttings, seeds, bulbs or tissue culture plants. We deliver them to you any time, any place, anywhere.

We are specialized in shipping by air cargo or sea. Therefore Jatoplant has developed special packaging, tailor made on the needs of these fragile plants.

Thanks to our regular and direct contact with the growers, Jatoplant is able to provide you with actual information about availability, new varieties and growing techniques. Also we support you with setting up your year round planning for growing.

We would be pleased welcoming you as our next satisfied customers. Please let us show you what Jatoplant is capable of. Our enthusiastic sales team gladly handles all your inquiries in the best possible way!

Exporter of Young Plants, Bulbs, Seeds & More

About Jatoplant

Who is Jatoplant?

Over the last 40 years Jatoplant has been specialized in the worldwide export of all kinds of starting material. We have close contacts with various growers; the lines are short and the available assortment is therefore exceptional wide.

Besides that, Jatoplant has extensive knowledge of all kinds of Phytosanitary demands. Our company is registered as known shipper, which enables us to handle worldwide air freight shipments. A close cooperation with several forwarders results in the best freight rates for our clients.